Wētā Classified Advert Form

If you are wishing to place an advert on the www.wetauk.co.uk website please read the instructions below.


  1. Complete the details below and send to petejcailes@gmail.com
  2. The seller will receive an email confirming receipt of your advert with a request for appropriate fee which will be made over to the UK Wētā Association.
  3. On receipt of payment the advert will be placed on the website for up to 3 months or until it is requested to be removed.
  4. Anyone expressing an interest in your advert will be sent your contact details and you will receive a copy of their contact details. All negotiations will be exclusively between the seller and he buyer.
  5. Wētā Marine or any of their representatives will not act as broker or charge for brokerage services.
  6. Wētā Marine or any of their representatives will not be liable for any fraud or misrepresentation by either the seller or the purchaser.
  7. If the seller requires the advert to be removed before the 3 month expiry period please email petejcailes@gmail.com There will no refund of the administration fee if the vessel has not been sold within the expiry period or if the advert is requested to be remove before the expiry period.


Sail Number: UK based boats only
Price: In £’s
Description: Description of boat and all equipment included in sale. Max 250words
Photo: one – Optional
Name of Seller: This will not be put on the website
Contact Email and/or Phone number: This will not be put on the website


A charge is levied to cover the costs of administering and moderating this page based on the value of the vessel

Boat Value                                                                 Charge

£1 to £2,000                                                                £20
£2001 – £4,000                                                           £30
>£4,000                                                                        £40 

Selling your boat – watch out for scammers

We are now seeing that some people selling their boats are being targeted by scammers. It is the responsibility of each person selling their boat to ensure that they are happy with the buyer & the method of payment.

Given the specialist nature of our boats I suggest a few simple questions asking what they sail presently & what club they are from will soon weed out the scammers.

A scam can involve an initial contact which looks genuine followed by an offer to purchase via a shipping company. The purchaser seems happy to collect your boat having not actually seen it. Payment is offered by bankers draft. Needless to say once the boat is sent the draft will bounce! Avoid!

BOTTOM LINE … if the buyer is not known to you then beware. Make sure you are happy with the payment method before you allow someone to drive off with your boat.

These pages may help with more info: